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Print out this Costume Rental Agreement & mail, fax or e-mail it to us.

Please note: Minimum order for shipping is $45. (some exceptions made for previous customers)

                     Don't hesitate to call us with any questions!

                          Ship to Address:   PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY




City:________________________________ State:_______________

Zip/Postal Code: ___________________ Country: _______________

Telephone #:______________  E-Mail Address:__________________

Please be sure to print the address as it should appear on the package.

                                Bill to Address:      Same as Ship to Address:  Y / N

(Please Note: We can not process orders without the correct billing address)




City:________________________________ State:______________

Zip/Postal Code: ___________________ Country: _______________

Telephone #:________________  E-Mail Address:________________

This is what I would like to order:  Make sure to specify child or adult & sizes!


        Item #                Qty          Price           Size            Color                    Description

______________    ____      ______       _____       ________      _________________

______________    ____      ______       _____       ________      _________________

______________    ____      ______       _____       ________      _________________

______________    ____      ______       _____       ________      _________________

______________    ____      ______       _____       ________      _________________

______________    ____      ______       _____       ________      _________________

To ensure proper fit, please include the below measurements:

Measurement Woman: Bust:_____ Waist:_____ Hips:_____

Measurement Men:  Chest:____ Waist:_____ Outseam: _________

Rental/Purchase Total: $______   Date Wanted: ______

Date Required: _____           Date of Return: _______

Comments or Special Instructions: ________________________________________ 


(  ) Check/money order in US dollars made out to: Costumes of Nashua LLC. (call for S&H)

(  ) I will be paying by credit card:    (  ) Paying by debit card:     (  ) Paying by Pay Pal:


Visa     MasterCard     American Express    Discover/ Novus


Credit Card #:___________________________________    


Expiration Date:_________           Security Code:________ 


I authorize Costumes of Nashua LLC. to charge my card for the item(s) listed above

Total: $________  plus shipping & handling.

S&H is determined after the item(s) are boxed, weighed, measured & entered into the system.


Also, I authorize Costumes of Nashua LLC. to do an "authorization only" to my

card as a security deposit. I understand that this amount will be released once

the costume is returned to Costumes of Nashua in satisfactory condition.   

Security deposit amount is determined by the costume(s) replacement cost less the rental fee.


Signature:_____________________ Print Name:_________________________


NOTE: Only the card holder whose name appears on the card may use the card.

You must be 18 years old to place a credit card order.

Rental Fee is Not Refundable - All Sales Final


Costumes impair vision & movement. All costume & accessories are rented/used at your own risk. We will not be held liable for any injury/damage incurred as a result of costume/accessory usage or wear.  Damage charges will be deducted from your security deposit at our discretion & are based on retail value.  Full retail value will be charged for costumes not returned & you will be subject to criminal prosecution.  Do not alter, cut, tape, staple, glue or repair your costume. Do not clean your costume. If you modify the costume you will be liable for additional charges! Basting stitches might be OK if you call us first.


I have read and understand the above information and will abide by the agreement.


Signature: ________________________________     Date:  _____________


Please return the costumes on the same hanger(s) shipped to you.

$1 charged for each hanger not returned.

Number of hangers shipped: _______


Return/Exchange Policy: Please click HERE  to review our policy on returns & exchanges.

Please click HERE  to review our shipping policy.

We thank you for your business! We will notify you if there are any problems or delays.


Minimum International Order $75.

Minimum Order for Purchase Orders is $125. (for schools & government)


From 10/15 -10/24 the minimum for shipping new domestic rental orders is $175.

From 10/25 - 10/31 the minimum for shipping new domestic or international orders is $200.