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 Creative Costuming

Costumes of Nashua LLC

Quality, Value, Service, Integrity

Costume Sales & Rentals for Adults, Children, Plus Size.

Sales of Costume Accessories including Wigs, Hats, Makeup,

Boas & much more for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Purim,

Theme Party, Theme Wedding & All Occasion.


About Costumes Rentals

Hassle-Free Costume Rental

#1 Rule
If you have questions or problems, please call.

We are here to help you.


Yes, we rent to both theatre and the public.


How much is the rental fee? 

In general rental fees vary from $45 - $175 per event (not per day).  However, most are in the $75-$125 range. It is best to call and ask about specific items. However for a quick estimate, figure the rental fee to be 40%-50% of the purchase price.


When Costumes Arrive:
All items in the order are listed on packing tags on the costume hanger. Any discrepancies must be reported immediately, on receipt of the order. Orders will be checked in upon return according to a duplicate packaging tag. Fees will be charged for repair or replacement of items missing or damaged. Costumes are altered to the measurements provided by the customer. Accurate measurements are critical. So we are on the same page,
Please click HERE  for directions on how to measure. If there are costumes which do not fit, notified us immediately and replacement will be provided, time and availability permitting. There will be no charge for these replacements if the error was by our staff. If the measurements were incorrect or there was any other type of costumer error, replacements will be invoiced at the regular rental rates.


During the Show's Run:
At the end of each rehearsal or performance, each actor is expected to re-hang their own costume and its parts.


Returning the Costumes:
It is recommended that the costumes are turned in and checked off immediately after the curtain comes down at the last performance and before any actors leave the theatre. (This discourages the temptation to keep a part of the costume as a souvenir). Also, if a piece of a costume is missing, it is usually most easily found immediately after the show. Notes should be made in the event of missing parts.


Orders are shipped to arrive two days before dress rehearsal. Shipment is by UPS ground service unless the customer requests otherwise. We prepay freight  and include that amount in the customer invoice. The order must be returned prepaid.

Returning order must be shipped on the second working day after the final performance. Each order is due back on or before the date listed on the contract. Rental fees will be charged at the regular rental rate for late returns. Repairs or replacement fees will be charged for lost or damaged items due to improper packing. Hats and other fragile items crushed by improper packing will be billed at the replacement rate.


The approximate UPS ground shipping times are:

to the Northeast U.S.

2 days

to the Southeast U.S.

3 days

to the Midwest U.S.

4-5 days

to the West Coast U.S.

6 days


Theatrical Rental Contract:

  1. Prices are quoted for a one week show. There may be an additional charge for each additional week.

  2. Costumes must be shipped back to Costumes of Nashua LLC on the second working day after the final performance. Each order is due back on or before the date listed on the contract. Rental fees will be charged at the regular rental rate for late returns. Repairs or replacements fees will be charged for lost or damaged items due to improper packing. Hats and other fragile items crushed by improper packing will be billed at the replacement rate.

  3. Costumes must be returned on hangers. There will be a $1.00 fee for all costumes that are delivered on hangars but are not returned on them.

  4. Reasonable wear to costumes is to be expected and accepted. DAMAGE is considered to have occurred by: tearing, stapling, taping, burning, cutting, usage of sticky Velcro, excessive make-up, removal of buttons, medallions, badges or other kinds of trim. Please sew when possible, but safety pins may be used for hemming only. Articles which are lost or damaged by negligence while in your possession or by improper packing for return shipment will be charged for at replacement cost/rate.

  5. If holes or stains result due to sliding on the floor, charges for replacement will apply. PLEASE be especially careful of suits because replacement charge will be for the whole suit, not just the pants.

  6. The complete rental fee will be charged for all articles ordered and not used UNLESS they are shipped back to Costumes of Nashua LLC BEFORE the date of use. Returned costumes are subject to a cancellation fee.

  7. Purchase order or payment (Check, Cash, or Credit Card) due upon receipt. On purchase orders all discounts become void if payment is not received within 30 days.

  8. The costumer will be billed at the current hourly rate or $35.00 per hour for any charges or damages to rental costumes or items that can be restored to original (at the time of rental) condition.

  9. The costumer will be billed the replacement value for changes/damages to any part of a rental costume or item that can not be restored to the original (at the time of rental) condition.

  10. The customer will be billed the subsequent weekly rental rate for each garment/item not returned by the due date for that order.

  11. The customer will be billed the replacement value for any rental costume/item not returned within 4 days following the return due date for that order.


We Ship Purchases Worldwide & Rentals Natiowide.


Creative Costuming Inc / Costumes of Nashua LLC
76R Derry Street Suite 12
(Route 102)
Hudson, NH 03051

Tel: 603-882-5640     Fax: Call First


E-Mail:  [email protected]


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