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Creative Costuming

Costumes of Nashua

Quality, Value, Service, Integrity

Costume Sales & Rentals for Adults, Children, Plus Size. Sales of Costume Accessories including Wigs, Hats, Makeup, Boas &

much more for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Purim,

Theme Party, Theme Wedding & All Occasion.

Make-Up Page 5

Clown, Face Painting, Make up Pencils, Goth Punk, Gothic Character Kit,

Mehron Tri Color Clown Make Up Kit, Makeup Pencils, Camouflage Makeup Palette,

Pencil Eyeliner, Sports Team Makeup

Click links below (left) for other Make-Up pages

This long lasting formula

stands the test of long

work days on the sets of

major motion pictures.


Liquid Makeup for Face, Body & Hair


Available in

twenty four colors.

Ideal for face painting

a large number of people

at carnivals, festivals, fairs

or other group activities.

Liquid Makeup

for Face, Body & Hair

Works for Airbrush Makeup

Mehron Professional Liquid Makeup is made from quality FDA approved ingredients. This is the same Professional Liquid Makeup used around the world by performers in television, film & theater for face, body & hair.

Colors: Blue (BL), Green (G), Purple (P),

Black (B), Red (R),  Pink, Orange (O), White (W), Yellow (Y),  Monster Gray (MG), Alabaster, Moonlight White, Sable, Light Egyptian, Ebony, Soft Beige, Juvenile, Light Coco, Light Tan, Medium Tan, Brown, Light Olive, Mid-Lite Olive Medium Olive, Mid Dark Olive, Dark Olive, Ebony,

Glow Blue, Glow Lime, Glow Orange,

Glow Yellow, Glow in the Dark.

Price: (4.5 oz is the best value)

1 oz w/brush M111.557.30  $6.99  (glow add $1)
4.5 oz. M111-4.559.40        $11.99  (glow add $2)
16 oz.  M111-16.579.55    $49.99  (glow add $16)

1 Gallon  M111-G.545.55 $179.99 (glow add $30)

Mehron Tri Color Clown Makeup Palette

Fun & easy to use.

Mehron Tri Color Clown

Makeup Palette


Superb quality cream makeup.

Contains three complementing colors of Professional Cream Makeup (oil based red, white & black) to create a Clown.  Includes, detailed photo along with detailed instructions on how to apply the makeup & an applicator.  As with any Professional Cream Makeup, must be 'set' with Colorset Powder. Provides complete, long

lasting coverage when set with

Colorset Powder (see below).

Price: $8.99

Clown White Make Up

How to use this product:
For easy & smoothing application, warm in the palm of the hand before dabbing onto the skin. Apply with a foam applicator or fingertips using a “patting” technique to eliminate streaking. Set with Colorset Powder using a Powder Puff. Remove with Makeup Remover or Cold Cream followed by

soap & water.

Clown White Make Up

Consistency in quality & coverage are what makes this Clown White the first choice of professional clowns & mimes. This super smooth, ultra-white cream covers efficiently without dryness or cracking, even under the most demanding performance conditions. Consists of a high concentration of titanium dioxide with the base formulated to a smooth, easy to work with consistency. This super smooth, ultra white cream covers efficiently without dryness or cracking,
even under the most demanding performance conditions.


2 oz. M130.558.54 $7.99

7 oz. M130 L.551.05 @ $15.99

16 oz. M130 XL.566.55 @ $26.99

Clown White Lite Make Up

Clown White Lite Make Up

An alternative consistency to traditional Clown White. The Clown White Lite formula is based on "European" style Clown White. Greaseless & talc-free, Clown White Lite is vitamin E enriched & contains silicones to create a light weight, firm cream makeup which can be used sparingly while still providing a bright white finish.

Also, perfect for adult clowns where a thinner, smoother makeup can be easily worked

into creases & folds in the skin.


2 oz. / 56gr M131-2 @ $7.99

7 oz. M130 - 7 @ $15.99

Clown Pink Make Up

Clown Pink Make Up

Traditional clown base in a rich, opaque pink shade. Clown Pink is popular among female clowns for creating highlights & a rosy glow.


2.25 oz. M132 @ $8.99


Makeup Fantasy F/X Tube Makeup

Works well in a make-up air brush gun after being thinned with regular tap water.

Makeup Fantasy F/X Tube

Superior quality, highly pigmented squeeze tubes. Perfect for Halloween, sporting events or year-round face painting.

Colors: Black, Blue, Bronze, Burgundy, Copper,

Creole (Lt. Brown), Glow in the Dark, Gold, Green, Kelly Green (K), Liberty Green (LG), Monster Gray, Moonlight White (MW), Navy Blue, Orge Green (OG), Orange (O), Purple, Red,

Silver, Soft Beige (Lt. Flesh), Teal,  White (W),

Wolfman (Dk Brown, Yellow, Zombie (Z), Glow Blue (GLBL), Glow Lime (GLL), Glow Orange (GLO), Glow Yellow (GLY)

Price: $3.99 per tube

(add $1.00 for glow colors)

Foundation Cream Makeup Color Cup

This size is excellent for carrying small amounts of makeup when "on the go," or, for students beginning the art of clowning.

Foundation Cream Makeup

Color Cups

Our rich, color intense, Foundation cream

in a convenient size.

White is Mehron's "Clown White".

Color: Black-B, Clown Red-R, Blue-BL, Orange-O, Purple-P, Moonlight White-MW, Silver-S,

Zombie Flesh-Z, Clown White-W, Yellow-Y, Green-G, Monster Gray-MG, Burgundy-BY, Auguste-A, Dk Brown Wolfman-WBR, Gold-GD,

Price: $7.99 per cup

Profession lanolin-enriched cream greasepaint available

in 24 colors.

Professional Foundation Greasepaint Makeup

  Made with Professional Performers in mind & used by the Entertainment Industry because it provides an even, smooth coverage that will not crack & is safe to use on your skin.

1.25 oz. cup

Color: Blue-BL, Green-G, Purple-P, Black-B,

Red-R,  Orange-O, Silver-S, White-W, Yellow-Y,  Gold, Monster Gray-MG, Alabaster, Auguste-A, Blithe Spirit, Dark Egyptian, Ebony, Extra Fair, Fair Female, Juvenile, Light Auguste, Light Coco, Medium Male, Sunburn

Price: $11.99 per

This special castor oil-based formula will not breakdown synthetic prosthetics like other products will.Blue Man Group Make Up Mask Cover

Great for use on bald caps to produce

the blue man group look.

Mask Cover Make Up
Mehron's Mask Cover is the first choice of professional special effects artists for use on latex, rubber & foam prosthetics.

Size: 1 oz/28 gr.
Color: Blue-BL (shown), Green (G), White (W),

Red (R), Yellow (Y), Black (B), Ebony (10C), Monster Grey (18B), Mid-Lite Olive (OS4), Medium Olive (OS6), Mid-Dark Olive (OS6),

Soft Beige (TV4), Light Tan (TV6),

Bronzed Tan (TV10).

Price: $11.99

Colorset Powder .25 oz.

Mehron's Colorset™ Setting Powder

is used to absorb the oils from

cream based makeup so that it

"sets" & will not rub off. Used on

stages & movie sets the world over.

Colorset Powder


Super absorbent neutral/translucent formula

that sets cream makeup & prevents discoloring. Apply liberally to a Powder Puff & press the powder into the Makeup to absorb excess moisture; it should be pressed in, not rubbed. When using over a multi color application of Cream Makeup it is advised to work on one color at a time so that colors do not transfer onto each other. Dust off excess with a powder brush.

 Color: Natural

Size: 2 oz.  M135-2.559.73    Price: $10.99

Size: .50 oz. M135P.557.35  Price: $7.99

Size: .25 oz. M135P.557.55  Price: $5.99

Party Palette Make Up

Party Palette Make Up


Applies easily with fingertips or with the included brush.  Washes off easily with soap and water.  This kit contains enough paint for many applications and the color cups can be refilled with Mehron Fantasy F-X tube makeup.  ( see tube makeup below) Kit includes blue, red, yellow, white and black paints, palette and brush.

Price: $ 11.98

Makeup Remover Cream

Makeup Remover Cream


A fine cleansing cream with quick penetration properties for fast removal of cream & greasepaint makeup. 
4 oz. tub.

Price: $8.99 each

Bald Cap Make Up Kit

Bald Cap Make Up Kit
The first of it's kind on the market.

Kit comes with a Professional Flesh Colored Bald Cap, Step-by-Step Instructions, 5 color makeup palette, .125 oz Spirit Gum, 1 oz. Spirit Gum Remover, 1 oz Liquid Latex, .25 oz Colorset Setting Powder, Cotton Tip Applicators, 2 Non Latex Foam Wedge Sponges, 1 Powder Puff Applicator & Make-Up Remover Pads.

 Price: $39.99

1-3    Kits   $39.99 each
4-8   Kits   $37.99 each

9+ Kits - Please Call Us

Bald Cap Make Up Kit

Economy Bald Cap Latex Flesh Skin Head

Economy Bald Cap

Latex Skin Head

RC661.556.95 Flesh   RC667 Dark


Includes: Bald Cap

Color: Flesh Skin (shown) or Dark Skin
Size: One Size

Price: $4.99

1-3   Caps   $4.99 each

4-7   Caps   $4.59 each
8+  Caps - Please Call Us

Goth Punk Gothic Character

Make Up Kit
This kit works for Gothic characters as well as Punk, Vampire & a lot of others.

Kit includes .25 oz colorset powder, .3 oz cup of jet black shadow liner, tube of black lipstick, 1/2 oz bottle of black nail polish, 4 foam wedge sponges, 1 two inch powder puff applicator, 1 vacuum adhering tongue stud, 2 oz tube of black cream temporary hair color, a .5 oz white color cup make up, 2 hole free piercings, make up remover wipes & full instructions on how to achieve look.

Price: $34.99

Mehron Tri Color Camouflage Makeup Palette

Fun & easy to use.

Mehron Tri Color Camouflage

Makeup Palette


Superb quality cream makeup.

Contains three complementing colors of Professional Cream Makeup (oil based green, brown & black) to create Camouflage.  Includes, detailed photo along with detailed instructions on how to apply the makeup & an applicator.  As with any Professional Cream Makeup, must be 'set' with Colorset Powder. Provides complete, long lasting coverage when set with

Colorset Powder (see above).

Price: $8.99

MagiColor Creme Makeup Pencils

 For a "fine point", use our Single Hole Pencil Sharpener

 MagiColor Creme Makeup Pencils - Ben Nye


Pencil texture is creamy without being too soft. Resplendent color selection for clowning,

face painting, animal & fantasy.

.04oz./1.13gm. Applications: 30-75. 

Color: Black (MC-1), Fire Red (MC-2),

Ruby Red (MC-3), White (MC-4), Blue (MC-5),

Violet (MC-8), Bright Orange (MC-11),

Warm Brown (MC14), Character Shadow (MC15)

Misty Violet (MC-18), Cosmic Blue (MC-19), Turquoise (MC-20),  Kelly Green (MC-23),

Yellow (MC-7), Magenta (MC-9),

Marigold (MC-21), Lime Green (MC-22)

Price: $7.99 each.

Click Here For & Ben Nye MagiColor Creme Makeup Pencil Color Chart

Pencils Pro Slim

Silky smooth, ultra creamy pencils glide on with ease. 

 Pencils Pro Slim - Mehron

The premier makeup pencil today, offering unparalleled uniformity & bold color.


Color: Black (B), White, Red (RB), Green (GR),

Yellow, Blue

Price: $7.99 each

Jumbo Pro Pencils

 Jumbo Pro Pencils - Mehron


The premier makeup pencil today, offering unparalleled uniformity & bold color. Silky smooth, ultra creamy pencils glide on with ease. 

Color: Black (B), White, Red,

Auguste/Soft Beige

Price: $8.99 each

Thin Makeup Crayons

Thin Makeup Crayon Assortment



.25 oz


Colors: Black, Red, Green, Blue, White

Price: $2.99/Package of 5

No Smear Makeup Crayon Assortment

No Smear Makeup Crayon Assortment



.44 oz


Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black

Price: $2.99/Package of 5

Thick Makeup Crayon Assortment

Thick Makeup Crayon Assortment



.50 oz


Colors: Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Black

Price: $2.99/Package of 5

Glitter Makeup Crayon Assortment

Glitter Makeup Crayon Assortment



.25 oz


Colors: Purple, Silver, Red, Blue, Green


Price: $2.99/Package of 5

Wedge Sponges

 Foam Wedge Sponge

A smooth, closed cell foam sponge for

applying cream makeup. Provides a

complete & even application every time.
2" x 1" x 1" triangle wedge.

6 pcs. for $2.99
3 dozen for $14.99
6 dozen for $24.99

We ship Sales Worldwide & Rentals Nationwide.


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