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Creative Costuming

Costumes of Nashua

Quality, Value, Service, Integrity

Costume Sales & Rentals for Adults, Children, Plus Size.

Sales of Costume Accessories including Wigs, Hats, Makeup,

Boas & much more for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Purim,

Theme Party, Theme Wedding & All Occasion.

Pirate Wigs

Pirate, Buccaneer, Johnny Depp, Captain Hook, French King, Alonge, Beach Bum, Rasta

Click links below (left) for other Wig styles.

Pirate Wig


Pirate Wig



Color: Black


Price: $24.99

Pirate Wig


Same as above

but in Blonde (left)



Same as above

but in Auburn (right)

 Pirate WigPirate Wig

Tarzan Wig

Pirate Wig

LP43RP.553.05 (LW113)

Straight long wig with good quality synthetic fiber.

Also good for Tarzan, Thor, John Smith,

Ru Paul, Eleven from Stranger Things & Drag.


Color:  Blonde (shown), Brown, Black, or Auburn


Price: $26.99

1-4 Pieces $26.99 each
5-9 Pieces $25.99 each
10+ Pieces - Please Call Us

Buccaneer Pirate Wig Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp

Buccaneer Pirate Wig


Buccaneer Pirate Wig with beads, red bandana & single braid on each side.


Color: Brown (shown) or Black

Price: $24.99

Mustache and Beard available separately.

Buccaneer Johnny Depp Wig

Buccaneer Johnny Depp Pirate Wig

LP10BJD.565.05 (LW216)


Plunder the Caribbean in this ornate wig & goatee, with braids, beads, trinkets & traditional bandanna.


Color: Black (shown) or Brown

Price: $24.99

Caribbean Pirate Beard & Moustache Set


Caribbean Pirate

Beard & Moustache Yak Hair Set


Color (Color Code): Black (1) (shown),

Price: $67.99


Attaches with spirit gum.

Available separately.

Pirate Goatee w/Beads & Moustache Set


Pirate Goatee w/Beads & Moustache Set


Self Adhesive



Color: Black (shown)

Price: $10.99

Deluxe Alonge Wig

Deluxe Alonge Wig

LP10DlxA.574.05 (LW186)


Super length, very exceptional looking

with skin part. Good for 18th Century & Captain Hook.


Color: Black, Brown, Auburn, or White

Price: $62.99

Alonge Pirate Wig

Alonge Wig

LP10A.564.05 (LW134)

circa 1730's


 Exceptional looking skin part w/long fancy curls. Very nicely made & good unisex historical style.

Good for Captain Hook.


Color (Color Code): Black (shown), Med Brown (4),

Dark Brown, Med Brown Red (30), Lt Brown,

Blonde (22), Auburn, Dk Grey (44), White.

Price: $49.99

Discount Alonge Wig

Discount Alonge Wig

LP10DA.569.05 (LW142)

circa 1730's


Beautiful skin part Alonge with less expensive fiber.


Color (Color Code):  Med Brown (4),

Lt Chestnut Brown (8), Blonde (22),

Med Brown Red (30), Dk Grey (44), White

Price: $34.99

Captain Hook Wig Pirate Wig


Captain Hook Wig

LP10CH.562.05 (LW134)

Exceptional skin part w/long historical curls.

Color: Black (shown)

Price: $44.99


Alonge Version LP10A.563.05 large historical curls w/skin part available in Black @ $48.99 (see above)


Regular Curly Version LP10RC.561.05

available in Black @ $43.99


Bargain Version LP10BV.553.55

available in Black @ $19.99


Fancy Bargain Version LP10FBV.555.05

available in Black @ $26.99

Plabo Extra Long Wig

Plabo Extra Long Wig

LW124.572.05 (LP10PL)

  Exceptionally full and long with many smaller curls.


Color (Color Code): Black (1), Dk Brown (2),

Med/Dk Brown (4), Med Chestnut Brown (6),

Lt Chestnut Brown (8), Lt Brown (10),

Lt Golden Blonde (12), Dk  Blonde, Lt Golden Blonde (24),

Platinum Blonde (613),  Med Brown/Red (30),

Strawberry Blonde (27), Ash Blonde (16),

Champagne Blonde (22), Henna Red, Auburn (130),

Dark Gray, Light Gray, White (60),

Lavender/Light Purple (KAF5), Yellow,

Clown Red, Royal Blue, Dark Green, Bright Green,

Bright Orange, Hot Pink, Orange

Price: $68.99

French King Wig 

French King Wig

LP10FK.562.05 (LW147)

Reigns most Regally.

Beautiful long loose curls with that true regal look!

Also, works for Howard Stern or King Louis.

Color (Color Code): Black (1), Brown (6),  Med Brown, Chestnut Brown, Med Chestnut Brown,

Med Brown/Red, Auburn,

White (60), Blonde

Price: $39.99

1-4 Pieces $39.99 each
5-9 Pieces $37.99 each
10+ Pieces - Please Call Us

French King Wig Pirate Wig

 Bargain Fancy French King Wig

LP11FKBFV.566.05 (LW529) (HJ9362)

Well made longish loose curl wig. Also, good for Pirate.


Color (Color Code): Black (1), Dk Brown (2), Brown (6), Auburn, White (60), Blonde, Dk Blonde


Price: $28.99

French King Wig


French King Wig


Bargain Version


Color: Black, Brown, Auburn, Blonde

Price: $24.99


Pirate Wig


Pirate Wig

LP10PW.562.05 (LW166)


Longish wig in looser curls.

Color: Black, Lt Blonde


Price: $42.99

Pirate Wig

Pirate Wig


24" Black curly wig with Bandanna.

Color: Black (shown)

Price: $19.99

Pirate Wig

Beach Bum or Pirate Wig


Beach Bum or Pirate Wig



Color: Light Brown/Blonde (shown)


Price: $21.99

Beach Bum or Pirate Wig

Beach Bum or Pirate Wig


The sun, the sand & the waves,

itís a good day to be a beach bum....


Color: Brown/Black (shown)

Price: $21.99

Pirate Wig


Pirate Wig


Brown wig accented with red scarf,  jewels & beads.


Color: Brown (shown)

Price: $19.99

Rasta Mon Wig


Rasta Mon Wig


28" long wig w/dreadlocks.


Color: Black (shown)

Price: $19.99

Milly Vin Dreadlock Wig

Milly Vin Dreadlock Wig


Quite Exceptional!


 Long Braided Wig


Color: Brown (shown), Black, Light Blonde

Price: $37.99


Discount Milly Version LP36B299.565.55

available @ $24.99

Dreadlock Wig New Deluxe


New Deluxe Dreadlock Wig


Quite Exceptional!


 Long Braided Wig


Color: Black (shown)

Price: $44.99

Deluxe Dreadlock Wig New


New Deluxe Dreadlock II Wig


Quite Exceptional!


 Long Braided Wig


Color: Black (shown), Light Blonde

Price: $44.99

Braided Tennis Player Wig

Braided Tennis Player Wig


A Championship Style!



Color: Black braids with White braids (shown)

Price: $27.99

Dreadlock Wig

Dreadlock Wig


Good Economy Wig!


 Dreads that look like long cables.


Color: Black (shown)

Price: $24.99

Braided Wig Kinky


Kinky Braided Wig


Very Attractive.


Color: Black (shown), Light Blonde

Price: $33.99

Wig Cap

Wig Cap


Designed to help manage hair under wigs.

Color: Beige, Dark Brown, Light Brown,

Black or White

Price: $2.99

1-4 Pieces $2.99 each
5-9 Pieces $2.29 each
10+ Pieces - Please Call Us

Foam Head

 Foam Head 10.5"

GAH04.556.20 (shown)

Price: $8.99


Foam Head 10"

PP695W.556.38 (not shown)

Blank Face (no facial features) w/Wide Base.

Price: $8.99


Foam Head 12"

PP800W.557.90 (not shown)

With Face & Wide Base.

Price: $8.99

We ship Purchases Worldwide & Rentals Nationwide.


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